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Topic 11 - Products & Services:
 How to upload products on Tuugo from RSS feed?
 posted - September 2013

To avoid manual creation of products on Tuugo and import all or certain amount of your company products on Tuugo at once, you can use our “Import products” feature in the Control panel of your company on Tuugo.

To import products from RSS feed, you need to complete the following steps:

1. Create a RSS Feed in XML adapted to Tuugo form the database of your company products (for ex.:

In order to create a personalized RSS feed for Tuugo you should contact with the webmaster of your website, and ask him to create an RSS feed of your products with the following structure: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<rss version="2.0">



            <!--Product title (required field, up to 100 characters)-->

<title>*Product / Service name</title>

<!--Product unique_number/ID/SKU (required field, up to 20 characters)-->

            <unique_number>*Product / Service unique number</unique_number>  

            <!--Product description (required field, up to 100 characters)-->

            <description>*Product Description</description>

<!--Set or Update your own category tree for the Product page-->

            <category>Product Category</category>

            <subcategory>Product Subcategory</subcategory>

            <sub_subcategory>Product Subsubcategory</sub_subcategory>

            <!--Product price (numeric value)-->          

<price>Product / Service price</price>

<!--Link (to product on your web-site)-->

            <link>Link to product / service</link>

            <!--Product images links, up to 20 images per one product-->


                <src>Link to your product / service Image 1</src>

                <src>Link to your product / service Image 2</src>


                <src>Link to your product / service Image 20</src>


<!--Tags (which other users will search your product by, up to 10 keywords)-->


                <keyword>Keyword 1</keyword>

                <keyword>Keyword 2</keyword>


                <keyword>Keyword 10</keyword>











The fields marked with an * are required and cannot be left blank.

Please see the RSS feed sample first and make sure the structure of your file is correct. Once you have done the XML file you should save it on your server, for example

2. Upload RSS feed with your company products details.

In your company Control panel click “Import Products” link in the left menu and select “From your RSS feed” radio button.

upload rss feed


Scroll to the bottom of page where you should set the URL to your XML feed (i.e.:, and set the frequency of the feed updating. If you modify your products on a weekly basis, or daily, you can set it to be updated in 1, 2, 7, 14 or 30 days. By default automatic update is disabled (“Never” is chosen). Once you finish configuring it, click on "Get data now" button.


input feed URL and updates frequency

3. Match fields from your feed with corresponding Tuugo fields.

rss match fields

On the matching step you should set which fields from your RSS feed will correspond to the product fields on Tuugo. Expand the dropdown menu in the right column, which corresponds to fields from your RSS feed, mouseover on any field name in the dropdown and you will see the hint with values of the first 10 rows in your feed. It will help you to match proper fields from your feed with Tuugo fields.

Product title, Product ID/SKU and Product Description are required fields and cannot be left blank. The rest of the fields you can leave blank, i.e. do not match with any fields from your RSS feed, just leave <Ignore> set in the right column. But it’s better to fill in as many fields as possible to provide your potential clients with comprehensive information about your products and be easier found on Tuugo.

You should set the currency in the dropdown next to “Products price” field on “Match fields” step. The currency defined here will be applied for all the products imported with this feed. Please note that if your feed is too big, you will have to wait until all the images are uploaded correctly. The delay time will depend on how big is your RSS feed, so please be patient.

Also please remember, that if the number of products in your feed exceeds 10 000, you will see imported products on Tuugo with a short delay, as feeds, which contain more than 10 000 products, need to be approved by one of our admins first.

4. View products in your control panel on Tuugo.

If you created a valid RSS feed, successfully uploaded it and matched all the fields properly you will be able to see the products right after automatic import is finished by clicking “View” button at the right of feed name.

Also detailed report about importing process will be shown and the copy of it will be sent on your registration email.

rss feed done

You can easily update products uploaded via RSS feed:

  • In the case you have made mistakes during matching you can change the fields correspondence or currency on the “Match fields” step.
  • In case if your products prices, names etc. were changed you can upload new RSS feed instead of existing one and products with the same ID/SKU will be updated with corresponding data from new file.
  • In case if you want to set/update automatic updates frequency, you need to specify it on the first step of importing, i.e. reload the same RSS feed with specified frequency of automatic updates.

Please note, after new version of feed file uploading:

  1. Only products with the valid data and filled in all the required fields will be imported
  2. Products with new unique numbers will be added to the company products list, i.e. products which were not listed in previous feed file version
  3. Products with the same unique number in previous and new versions of the feed file will be updated with corresponding data from the new file
  4. Products which are not listed in the new feed file will be removed


update rss feed


Also there is a possibility to delete all the products uploaded via RSS feed at once by clicking “Delete” button at the right of RSS feed name.


delete rss feed


Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance by clicking corresponding link on the last step of import process.


contact rss feed


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